When To Change Your International Courier Service

Business owners in India, just like their counterparts around the world, typically choose partners to build relationships that are mutually beneficial. Companies doing business outside of the country will have a partnership or a business relationship with one of the many courier services offering international shipping of documents and parcels.

In many situations and over time, the current international courier service you are using may start to falter or to fail to offer the same quality services you have enjoyed in the past. There are several key signs to watch for, that are indicators it is time to start looking for a new service.

Late or Missed Appointments

In business, time is money, and arranging for pick-ups and scheduling time-sensitive deliveries that are also not completed on time can be extremely frustrating. While there are issues can impact delivery or shipping, such as extreme weather conditions, strikes or unrest, or problems at ports or airports, other scheduling programs are the fault of the courier.

When your current international courier service is late more than a few times for pick-ups at your door or misses the delivery window for the receiver, choosing a new courier will be important to protect your business reputation.

Damaged Items or Claims Problems

When shipping small parcels or larger shipments by air or ocean, you will expect that the courier offers professional packing services to provide the best protection. Additionally, you should be able to reasonably expect that your claims for damage, as a long-term customer, are handled promptly and to your satisfaction.

Breakage and damage to shipments or poor claims processing are a sure sign that the international courier service is no effectively managed and has little concern for customer satisfaction and service.

Lost Items

Some businesses may use an international courier service hundreds of times a month to handle outbound documents, sensitive mail or parcels. While it is conceivable that at some point in time something may be lost in transit, it should be an extremely rare occurrence.

If an item is lost in transit, the courier should be willing to work with the company to correct the situation to the company’s satisfaction. If this level of service is not offered or if arrangements cannot be made quickly and efficiency for expedited service to address the loss, the company is not going to be a good match for your business in the future.