Cover All Your Bases with a Critical Illness Policy

When you’re considering different insurance companies, your number one priority is getting the best coverage you can afford. With life insurance you want to make sure that your family gets financial support if you meet an unfortunate demise; with car insurance you want to make sure your car can be fully restored in the event of a destructive accident; and with medical insurance you want to make sure you can get the best treatment from the best doctors available. Getting the best coverage possible means doing a lot of research though, as each company has different policies that have different contingencies. By covering your bases on all the life threatening illnesses that could befall you, this type of policy offers you the best coverage you can possibly get without the need for customization.

I Have Medical Insurance Though

Many people assume that because they have medical insurance, they don’t need a critical illness policy. This is a common misconception, as medical insurance typically covers only hospitalization medical costs whereas critical illness coverage gives you a lumpsum amount on diagnosis of a critical illness. Things like chemo-therapy and coronary bypass are extremely expensive and often not covered by standard medical insurance. These treatments and anything related to treating any severe illnesses are all covered in a critical illness package.