The Best Way to Ship Baggage to India

by | Mar 12, 2015 | Travel and Leisure

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India is a popular tourist spot and many foreigners enjoy spending their leisure time in its hospitable climate, enjoying a total immersion in its rich culture. Preparing for an extended stay includes making the proper arrangements for excess baggage which can’t accompany you on your initial flight over. Every major airline has a limit on the amount of baggage allowed on the aircraft. The allowed numbers are usually only 2 extra bags with a weight limit of 64 kg or 141 lb., and anything above this requires we pay extra and make arrangements for their shipment. Unless you want to pay the extra and take a chance on lost baggage, you will need to make separate arrangements for all of the important items you may need for an extended stay. Finding a vendor who provides specialized baggage shipping to India can save you time, money and frustration.

Common Issues with Baggage on Airlines

Sending the baggage not allowed on your flight through the airline’s alternative means can increase the likelihood of it being lost or delayed. This is one of the most common complaints amongst international travelers. In addition, it is also usually one of the most expensive means of transporting your belongings. There are ways to get around the strict airline rules on excess baggage and avoid falling victim to lost or delayed international baggage shipments.

Advantage of International Cargo and Courier Services

Companies which specialize in international cargo and courier services can provide us with less expensive options for your baggage shipping to India. We can save up to 50% on our unaccompanied baggage and in addition, specify the pickup dates, where they are to be delivered, and the date of delivery. We can eliminate the need for going to busy terminals and searching for our baggage along with countless others who are doing the same by having them delivered directly to our doorstep. This can be advantageous if you are a busy professional with limited time during business hours, or if you have a large amount of excess baggage which needs to be shipped to India. These companies can also help with any custom’s requirements to expedite the delivery. Our only responsibility in the process is to ensure we do not pack any items which are restricted or banned in India.

To get in touch with a highly respected company for baggage shipping to India, have a look at Fastway Express. Fastway Express is a professional international courier service which has years of experience in the pickup, shipping and delivery of international goods of all types and sizes. They can save you time, money, and provide you with the confidence in knowing your baggage will arrive at its intended location in a timely manner.

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