Understanding Frameless Canvas Prints and Their Benefits for You

Looking for a way to add vibrant color to your office or home? Maybe you’re creating a warm environment where your clients will feel comfortable, or you want to transform your family’s memories into permanent works of art. Whatever the case might be, you’ll find that frameless canvas prints can help. Not entirely sure what these print options are, or how they work? Let’s explore the topic a bit more.

What Are Frameless Canvas Prints?

Canvas prints are nothing new – they’ve been on the market for a very long time. Generally, these are works of art, or photos, that have been printed onto an artist’s canvas. From that point, they can be framed and hung, displayed in your home or office for all to see.

In most instances, the printed canvas needs a frame – this can be to add more visual interest, to complete the picture, or to provide a means for hanging the work. Of course, frames are costly. They also detract from the picture in some instances, and they’re a little old fashioned.

Frameless prints are a little different, though. With these, the frame is completely removed, and you’re left with nothing but the canvas. In a traditional printing setup, that would be problematic, as it would usually leave you with whitespace around the sides of the canvas, and a piece of art that felt unfinished. With frameless canvas prints, that is not an issue, as the image runs from edge to edge and delivers a polished, modern look and feel.

For instance, with a canvas gallery block, you’ll receive a stunning photo print that stretches not only from edge to edge on the front of the canvas, but also spans the sides, offering not just definition, but a stunning visual difference. You may also want to consider a canvas float wrap, which offers a similar but more elegant display, with a protective coating and padded wood paneling.

Interested in learning more about how frameless canvas prints can be used in your home or office? We invite you to get in touch with us today. We’ll explain your options, including canvas gallery blocks and canvas float wraps. Of course, if you’re more of a traditionalist, ArtDotz can also offer canvas frame art to help you achieve the look and style you need for your space.