How To Find Stylish Sunglasses For Women Based On Your Face Shape

For most people sun shades are a necessity, especially if you have to drive or be outside in the sun. Everyone knows that the sun damages the skin and eyes if they aren’t protected, so it’s best to keep them safe at all times by wearing sunscreen and sunglasses. However, finding stylish shades for women may not be easy, especially if you don’t know your face shape. Some people hate wearing shades because they look too big for them or some other reason, don’t look impressive. However, you can change that by finding out your shape and choosing glasses that fit correctly.

Your Face

For this test, you’ll want to have a mirror and a dry-erase marker or lipstick. You will be drawing on the mirror, so make sure you can clean it off afterwards. Remove any hair from your face with a headband or clips and then draw the outline of your face onto the mirror.

Next, you can decide which shape you have, such as a heart, oval, square or round face. To do so, you may want to measure the lines of your drawing. Oval faces will have a longer space between the forehead and chin, with more narrowness from ear to ear. Round faces will have equal or similar spaces between the forehead and chin and from ear to ear. Square faces will have prominent rounded corners at the temples and the jaw while a heart-shaped face will have a narrow chin and slight uneven and dipping around the center of the forehead.


Once you know your face’s shape, finding stylish sunglasses for women is much easier. Heart-shaped faces look best with cat eye, sport or retro square glasses while round faces can wear both cat-eye and retro square glasses. However, they also look great in square ones, as well. Oversized glasses may also look well on round faces.

Oval faces can wear almost anything, but oversized glasses look great, as well as aviators and retro squares. Just make sure that everything looks proportioned well.

Square faces look best with round glasses, shields and aviators, but make sure you choose something with no rims or softer rims to even out the strength in the face.

Once you know what styles look best, you can find a pair of shades to fit your face and needs.