Send Money To India

What is the major concern of Indians or NRIs staying abroad?
It is fulfilling their family’s financial needs. This act of responsibility is completed by sending money to India back home. The ratio of people who have shifted their base from India to a different country has raised. There are many reasons behind shifting their base to a different country, one such important factor is getting work opportunities. Most of these people complete their higher education abroad and after completing their education they get work opportunities there itself.

Many people in India prefer working abroad to fulfill their family’s desires and to have a better lifestyle. Equally, their families build high expectations as their financial needs are suppose to be fulfilled. Basic necessities like bill payments, fees for education, loan payments, house rent payments and festive occasions are pleased with sending money to India. Hence, money transfer is one of the most vital responsibility for Indians staying abroad.

There are many options available to Send Money To India, and with these options there are many advantages and disadvantages as well. There are different modes of money transfers, thus one has to choose the right service. Every Indian who resides abroad, looks for a service which gives a better exchange rate, secured transfer of money, charges while transferring money and above all how fast the money will be transferred. So keeping all these things in mind, a large number of people staying abroad prefer online money transfer services as compared to traditional methods like, money transfer agents, cheques, wire transfers, international money order, email money transfer.

Currently, online money transfer services are considered to be the easiest and best way to  Send Money To India. It allows a person to Send Money To India, from the comfort of home, where visiting a bank is not at all important. There are many online money transfer options available and it is also very easy for one to check the exchange rates, applied charges and the brand image of the company. Such options are easily available on internet and one can easily decide to opt for one of the best online money transfer.

The transfer services are usually free but few of the online money transfers have service charges and service tax is also applied to such transfers. One very important factor about the online money transfer services, their customer support which they provide. It becomes very useful to the customer if the customer support number is toll free and if the service is 24/7 active on emails and phone calls.

And such services are provided by one of the best online money transfer service RemitGuru. It is considered as one of the most secured and customer friendly online money transfer service. Their motto is clear; to transfer money to their Indian beneficiaries on time and provide full support in tracking details. They are user friendly and are known for their offers which they provide to their customers for remittance purpose. RemitGuru is considered to be one of the safest and secured way to Send Money To India.