Why do more buyers prefer 2BHK flat in Surat?

The modern property buyer of Surat shows more interest in buying an apartment rather than a villa or bungalow. Apartments ensure privacy of residents and are low on maintenance. Their resale value is higher because they come with several amenities. In fact, owning a 2BHK flat in Surat has become more of fashion rather than necessity because it symbolizes new age living.

Among all the configurations offered in the city, buyers are inclined more towards 2BHK flats. This is mainly because they are optimum for a small family of three or four people and are optimally priced. A 2BHK flat in Surat will set one back by Rs 30 to 40 lakhs or so which is quite affordable for salaried professionals. These flats are normally sized around 1000 sq. ft. which is ample space for nuclear families. The flats are cross ventilated and let in enough sunshine. A small balcony is often caved out for home owners to relax in. Being the most common configuration, builders make sure they set aside a large chunk of the project for constructing 2BHK flat in Surat.

Most of the projects that are coming up in Surat have luxury amenities built within the premise. Facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, and club house and community hall are there for the benefit of home owners. More home buyers prefer to buy apartments in these complexes for the plush lifestyle on offer and the high resale value. The resale value for these properties is higher for the ancillary amenities on offer. These projects are also located in strategic areas of Surat which have well-developed social, civic and physical infrastructure. Communication to different parts of the city is easier if one lives in these communities.

Property developers nowadays concentrate on providing home seekers an innovative 2BHK flat in Surat which has state of the art amenities and judiciously spaced. Easy financing options are also given so that buyers can afford these projects more easily. One of Surat’s prominent property developers, Rajhans Realty has numerous projects in Pal Hazira Road, Parle Point and Gaurav Path. These projects exclusively cater to new age home buyers. If you are looking to buy property in Surat, then a 2BHK flat would be a good investment. It is optimally spaced and has high return on investment if you sell it off or give it out on rent.