Go For Safe Mobile Banking!

Online Banking is now passé. ‘Mobile Banking’ is the new generation’s way of handling funds. We now rely on smartphones for almost everything, right from calling to shopping, browsing, GPS, and now even banking. It is also highly convenient. There is no longer a need to wait for office hours for doing online transactions. Through our smartphones, we can easily process important tasks on-the-go! However, before getting too comfortable with the idea, there are some precautions that we ought to take for safeguarding our privacy and hard earned money. As we all know, the number of incidents where people are being cheated on large sums of money are increasing at an alarming rate.

Here are few tips to help you ascertain that your transactions are safe:

  • Use official apps only!

Avoid using third party apps that are available for download from outside the official app store. The risk of getting hacked is high when you use such non-trusted apps. Presently, most banks have their own official apps. These apps are mostly protected by several layers of security and are easily available in Android and iOS app stores. It also helps to check out users’ reviews in the app store before downloading an app.

  • Secure the device

Set up strong and unusual passwords on your smartphones; and keep changing these passwords on a regular basis. It may be a little cumbersome for you to come up with new passwords and remember them, but then that’s a small price to pay when your security is at stake. No matter how much you trust the people around you, this titbit of information must not be shared. Also, avoid saving any confidential information, like bank account details on your device.

  • Use trusted internet connections

Remember, mobile hotspots and public Wi-Fi are not what you want to use when it comes to mobile banking. These sources of internet connection are not really secured and are often misused by hackers. Hence, using untrusted internet connections can lead to losing your personal informationto public. It is recommended that you use your mobile network data or a private password-protected Wi-Fi connectivity for mobile banking.

  • Keep track of account statements

It is always wise to keep a track of your account statements and transactions. If ever you come across any kind of suspicious activity or discrepancy, do not hesitate to report it immediately to your bank. Usually such an occasion would not occur as banks implement stringent security measures, but it is required to be alert. So make sure that you login to your banking accounts on regular intervals and check your account statements.

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