How to Become a Freelance Videographer

Videography is a marketable skill. Being able to shoot video to tell a story gives you an edge in the world of marketing and design. You will also need to have some advanced video editing skills in order to turn your raw footage into a polished end product.

What Type of Equipment is Required?

As a freelance creative in any specialty, you will find opportunities for work at every level of expertise. The same goes for equipment quality. If you have invested in quality editing software and have a laptop that can keep up with the kind of working memory you will need, you can always start with editing only. Your clients can give you footage on a hard drive, and you can go from there. Some professionals or small businesses may only need simple work done, and if you are going to shoot footage yourself, you may be able to use a mobile device or other relatively inexpensive, high-definition device. Keep in mind the limits of your equipment, and never overpromise what you can accomplish with it. As you get more established in your business, you can invest in higher quality equipment.

What Skills Are Needed?

Technical skills and experience are vital before you can market yourself as a professional videographer. The best way to gain these skills is through a comprehensive, advanced video editing course. You will learn through hands-on activities just how to edit video for maximum effect. Because you want to be a freelancer, you will need several business skills, but don’t let this frighten you. Being an effective communicator is a great first step to interacting with clients. Be professional and prompt, and keep accurate records. Another skill that will help you to succeed is knowing where to go for help. Build a network of mentors you can rely on, beginning with your advanced video editing instructors.

How to Find Your First Clients

The best way to attract clients is to have a beautiful, functional website that showcases your work. This does not have to be paid work, but it should be your very best. One or two outstanding videos will have a much greater impact than a whole site full of mediocrity. You don’t have to learn web design to create a simple, professional-looking website. The important thing is to get it set up and start directing people to it. There are several freelancing websites that you can join, where you can bid on jobs locally and abroad. Alternatively, you could spread the word through your personal contacts or approach local businesses about their video needs. Expect to start small, and to grow as you develop a god reputation.

Advanced video editing skills are necessary to produce professional-quality videos. You can learn advanced video editing through specialized courses at Hi-Tech Animation and lots of practice.