UK to India Shipping: Things to Remember

A longstanding relationship between the UK and India and high amounts of immigration, trade, and travel between the two countries mean there are large amounts of packages sent between the two countries on a daily basis. estimates a total of £6.35 billion worth of goods exported from the UK to India every year. Before using courier services to India from the UK, however, it is wise to check the laws and restrictions and ensure your package is being sent safely and legally.

  1. Restricted Items

The UK has some shipping restrictions, such as items containing batteries. But there are many items that are legal or can be shipped in the UK but aren’t allowed in India. has a full list, which includes obscene material, certain Indian coins, and wild life products among others.

  1. The Right Company

Choosing the right courier services to India from the UK is essential to save money and ensure a speedy and safe delivery. The Royal Mail service does still provide international shipping and is now a private company, but it focuses mainly on domestic postage so it isn’t always the most reliable option for sending to India.

  1. Currency Transfers

If you need to transfer funds to pay for the shipment or items, this can be a little trickier due to different currencies and international transfer times. Some services such as Paypal speed up the process but may still have international transfer fees. Other services can take several months to transfer money to a bank account in India. Double check with your recipient before you send to see how you can speed up the money transfer process.

There are some additional complications, restrictions, and considerations to make when shipping between the UK and India. But so long as you are aware of them, follow all international laws, and choose the right services, you can avoid any mishaps.