Baggage Shipping Service Made Easy

Excess Baggage a Worry

Whether a person is going abroad from India for higher studies or on a commercial assignment, both of which are fast becoming commonplace today, the necessity of someone taking care of excess or unaccompanied baggage through a cargo and courier services is of immense help. If the baggage shipping service is rendered at a competitive cost and on a door-to-door basis, it becomes a service of immense help and puts the person using the service at ease.

Limitation on Free Baggage Allowance for Air Travellers

All international airlines have limitations to the extent of baggage a person can bring onboard the airplane. This ranges from 50-141 pounds as free allowance per passenger. Anything beyond the free allowance becomes excess baggage and is charged at a considerably high rate. This may become more acute for students who may not be able to visit home for a while and must carry personal things in addition to books. In general, one carry-on bag and two pieces of luggage are what are allowed. A person can check the airline website for specific information on baggage weight and dimensions allowed, as not all airlines are the same. If there is more than this, you can expect to either pay the extra fee, or use a baggage shipping service ahead of time to send other items.

A Helping Hand in the Hour of Need

A baggage shipping service is an indispensable service for a lot of overseas travellers. There are many personal things, including food items, that one would like to carry on the flight, but cannot do so as the permissible free baggage allowance works out to be inadequate. Fastway Worldwide Express, India which is an ISO 9001:2008 company, headquartered in Bangalore, is an organization that has specific solutions for students, business travellers and regular corporate clients who face this predicament.