Choosing the Right Overseas Courier Service for Your Business Needs

What does your company ship overseas? Perhaps you need special documents transferred. Maybe you have a new product prototype which has to be sent from the US to India for testing. There could be a number of reasons to use an overseas courier service and these companies are not all created equal. So how does one choose the best company? Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Can They Handle All Your Needs?

You don’t want to hire one courier for documents and another one for small packages if possible. This can make things confusing and when you do business with just one company you make it easier on yourself. For example, there is less billing to be concerned with. If you need to track packages you can go to the same online source for all your packages. It can greatly simplify your operation.


As you check out each overseas courier service you may find a big difference in costs. However, some charges can be deceptive as not all couriers are upfront with their costs. Look for companies who charge you by the package or weight and you know ahead of time just how much the fees will be. This way, there are no surprises from hidden surcharges.

Some services may charge extra for international deliveries and this might not be mentioned in their fee structure. It can make it hard to budget your expenses when you are not sure how much your courier is going to charge. When you choose a company specializing in overseas courier service it will simplify your logistics.

The top companies may not always be the cheapest because they refuse to cut corners and compromise on customer satisfaction. However, they are always competitively priced and you’ll find their fees to be fair.

Dependable Delivery Services

Reliable service is even more important than cost. Choose a company with a reputation for on time deliveries and few customer complaints. You may need to check online business reviews but it can be well worth the time you spend.

Door to Door Services

Do you want the best possible overseas courier service? If so, consider a company offering door to door services. This is the most convenient way to ship things overseas. It makes it much easier on your staff and you won’t have to worry about business expenses associated with dropping off packages for shipping. Your courier is more than happy to show up at your place of business or home and take care of your needs.